We are a new lab at MUSC in Charleston, SC focused on quantifying T cell biology with a particular interest in understanding how T cells behave in the tumor microenvironment. Because we are new, the tools we will use to interrogate T cell biology are not fixed. We are interested in making use of patient-derived tumor organoids, genome engineering, spatially-resolved and multi-omic single cell measurement, and probabilistic modeling to better understand T cell development, diversity, and dysfunction.

We are proud to collaborate with several labs within MUSC’s world-class Cancer Immunology Research Program. We strive to make our science open and reproducible; all of our manuscripts will be posted as preprints and made open access once published, and our software and protocols will be shared on GitHub and, respectively.

We are committed to building a culturally diverse lab and strongly encourage applications from women and minorities underrepresented in biomedical research. Our leadership at MUSC shares our commitment, as evidenced by their 2017 HEED Award for diversity commitment.

If you are interested in joining our team, please send an email to