Documentation of Software Projects

OCaml Math/Machine Learning

Swiss Army Knives for math, statistics and machcine learning in OCaml.

  • Oml
    The OCaml Math Library
    See: the repository on Github.

Bioinformatics Workflows

These projects are building blocs for running big computational workflows that use bioinformatics tools from the community.

  • Ketrew
    Workflow Engine for complex computational experiments.
  • Biokepi
    Framework for building Bioinformatics Pipelines based on Ketrew.
  • Coclobas
    Configurable HPC cluster scheduler (for now, based on gcloud and Kubernetes).
    See: the repository on Github.
  • Epidisco
    Personalized cancer epitope discovery and peptide vaccine prediction pipeline.
    See: the repository on Github.

Smaller OCaml Libraries

Over the years we have developped small, self-contained, generic OCaml libraries.

  • Nonstd
    Nano-library providing very few Core-like modules (like List, Option).
  • Sosa
    The “Sane OCaml String API” library is a set of APIs (module types) that define what a string of characters should be, and a set of modules and functors that implement them.
  • Docout
    The functor Docout.Make_logger creates a nice embedded DSL on top of the smart-print library.
  • Pvem
    The "Polymorphic Variants-based Error Monad", Pvem (pronounce /pi:vɛm/), is a module providing simple handling of an error monad type based on polymorphic variants.
  • Pvem_lwt_unix
    Pvem_lwt_unix provides a high-level API on top of Lwt_unix, with comprehensive error types.
  • Oredoc
    Build documentation websites for some OCaml projects.
  • Trakeva
    Transactions, Keys, and Values: an API describing key-value storage with ACID transactions and different backends.
  • Genspio
    EDSL to generate complex POSIX shell scripts.


Please use if possible the issue trackers of the corresponding repositories. See also http://www.hammerlab.org/contact/.