We are currently hiring 5 postdocs or staff scientists for fully funded 3 year positions. If you’re interested in working with us, please send an email to

We’d love your help building a lab from the ground up to contribute to MUSC’s world-class Cancer Immunology Research Program. Outside of work, Charleston is a wonderful place to live, recognized by Travel + Leisure as the top city in the US for five straight years!

Please note that we are committed to building a culturally diverse lab and strongly encourage applications from women and minorities underrepresented in biomedical research. Our leadership at MUSC shares our commitment, as evidenced by their 2017 HEED Award for diversity commitment.

Model Systems

We’re seeking a postdoc or staff scientist to lead our work creating non-animal model systems to study T cell biology. We are particularly interested in tumor organoids that recapitulate the three-dimensional structure of the tissue as well as models built from patient-derived material. Two specific systems we’d like to implement are Dan Huh’s tumor microenvironment-on-a-chip models and Russell Jenkins’s patient-derived organotypic tumor spheroids. Experience with primary cell culture, stem cell biology, tissue engineering, or regenerative medicine would be ideal for this position.

Genetic Perturbation

We’re seeking a postdoc or staff scientist to lead our lab’s use of CRISPR/Cas9 to perturb signalling and transcriptional control networks of human primary T cells. This role could involve experimentation with non-viral delivery systems, Cas9 alternatives for improved editing efficiency, use of CRISPR for transcriptional control and epigenetic editing, and inducible CRISPR systems. We’re most interested in using these tools to study T cell biology, though we’ll also be making

Isolation and Measurement of Single Cells

Methods for Analysis of Single Cell Data